Are you a Purple Cow?

September 19, 2009 by Herschyf16 

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If you know who Seth Godin is, you know he talks about being a Purple Cow and being different in your market, business, etc.

I’m going to refer to this analogy here , and I want you to pay close attention and think about where you are in
life, online marketing, and building your business empire.

Unfortunately, the majority of people in online marketing spend thousands and never see a positive return on
their marketing investment. This could be for one of several reasons.

They Never Take Action

Buy Bad Products

No Accountability

Don’t treat Online Marketing as a Business

Don’t Receive the right guidance

I’ll get to that list in a minute, but back to the Purple Cow thing…

In the next few months you’ll experience the height of the “Launch Season” in internet marketing.

With all of these launches going on it’s easy to read emails all day and watch great prelaunch content and do NOTHING but spend more money and see no return. I’m guilty as well.

It’s time to do something different, like Make Money first and play later.

Think about that for a second….

No, seriously, think for a second……will you be a purple cow?

Ok, you’re next question is probably how am I going to get that done? And what are you trying to sell me

Here’s the deal. I’m going to walk with you through the entire process and force you to succeed.

That’s right…Force You to Succeed.

I’m tired of reading the blog and seeing great people struggle and I have a purple cow heart. I am going
to make you change and build upon your current status.

It’s not your fault

See with all the flashy launches and stuff going on even I get enamored ( personally in the last 60 days) helping
others make more money than me by participating in product launches, winning cool little prizes that are worth
$500-$5000, and not building my own business.

And as a consumer watching stuff all day and not taking positive steps to make even more money than I did last month.

That Stops Right Now! For both of us.

Over the next 2 months we are going to make a difference together in our lives and online businesses and end this year with a huge bang.

How? With an intense, no holds barred, battle tested and proven marketing system.

Not just another product


While you’ll see a ton of great new and bonus content that’s not what you should be excited for.

See there are plenty of great products and even some shady new ones available every week.

Together were going to become Purple Cows, take action, and succeed with my proven Cash Flow Funnel system.

I’m going to give and show you how I’m building not 1 but 2 Real World business examples Live over the next 8 weeks.

This is a no holds barred and interactive course, every aspect will be documented and given to you.

Nothing held back….and I mean nothing.

That’s right, this isn’t your usual course. It’s a virtual online marketing workshop. If we run into a problem, you’ll see my adjustments.

If I succeed in making money quickly, you’ll see EXACTLY how I do it and can put the same plan right into action yourself.

It’s like Copy/Paste money delivered every week. No Hype…Just what works

And these webinars won’t be one sided…

The first portion will cover weekly content, what actions steps were accomplished, successes and failures of the week, and any adjustments made.

Next you’ll have a raw and uncut over the shoulder view as we work and implement the new strategies covered in the first section.

Then YOU get to take the controls. That’s right, after all I am an ex-instructor pilot. So consider this a demo-do approach.

I’ll show you what to do, then I’ll open each week’s training up to work with you personally to get your business on the
fast track.

Finally, Everyone will walk away a weekly set of action steps to follow and be held accountable for. Giving you added motivation to follow through and succeed.

This is the closest most clients will ever be to working on a project with me. It’s a true blueprint for success.

Build an Empire


That may have been a bit more “pitchy” than I wanted but you get the idea. This is a brand new and truly personal approach.

Now, while I make Affiliate Marketing one of my businesses, many see it as part time or just a hobby.

I’ll fix that.

While we may cover some affiliate marketing, I’m taking 2 online businesses and starting from the ground up. That’s right, I won’t be sending emails to offers and hoping I make the same revenue next month.

We’ll be taking real business models and turning them into 5, 6 and eventually 7 figure businesses while revealing
every facet.

The best part is that you’ll see 3 different levels of the Cash Flow Funnel that are fully applicable to any online
business. Ensuring a successful model for everyone.

Now, this all sounds great but if you don’t have the right guidance you’ll never succeed.

The weekly webinars and recordings will fix this and several other potential barriers to success…

They’ll provide:

  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • A weekly plan
  • Structure
  • Action Steps

— and —

The Guidance for Guaranteed Success.

Guaranteed Success?

Yeah, I said it. I have been building this funnel system and refining it for almost 2 years now and I know that if you just follow directions you’ll easily see a return on your investment that is not only quick, but growing.

So how much would you expect this to cost?

Well, I could easily hold a 3 day seminar, not release all of this information, and sell out at several thousand dollars a seat.

Lucrative, but not where my hearts at.

I know how bad it may be right now and that wallets are tightening. My problem, I want to genuinely help everyone.

So I’ve done something that makes guaranteed success accessible for everyone.

I just did the math real quick in my head as I sit on yet another flight on JetBlue this month, and it works out to be less than $3 per hour for just the video content.

That’s Insane, and won’t last long.

And as a matter of fact, I’m sure when you watch the video you’ll be amazed at the offer.

I tried to make it as irresistible of an offer as humanly possible and remove all of the barriers.

If you want growth and success, I’ve given you the chance.

It’s as simple as watching the video and making the choice to make a difference.

Best Part

Oh yeah, I need to mention this real quick and then I’ll wrap this up.

I’ve timed the training perfectly so that as it gets colder outside, closer to the holiday season, and as you approach your goals, you’ll start the holiday season happy, motivated, successful and ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Now it’s time to decide. Will you join me as a Purple Cow?

I think I already know your decision :) Enjoy the video and I’ll see you on the first webinar.


P.S. This will be available for a very limited time so make sure you watch the video without delay.


10 Responses to “Are you a Purple Cow?”
  1. Alvin says:

    Internet marketing is really want I have been trying to learn now for almost 9 months. I went bust on PPC. But I’m still trying and don’t ever want to give up. This does sound interesting enough to take a look at and you seem sincere.

    Thanks, Alvin

  2. Russel says:

    I’m serious about making money Internet Marketing. Very little marketing/business experence. Been ‘mentored’ but without much real guidance. It’s been a rough summer. Time to change this.

    Please tell me how……

  3. Alan Taylor says:

    Hi Jeff! – I don’t think I am the only one in the UK who has never heard of a ‘Purple Cow”- so…I read through the posts hoping to’ get it’ contextually. Sorry but I am still no wiser!
    Would you be so kind as to educate me on this one. Jolly good show ol’ boy.Chocks away!

  4. Gary says:

    Interesting history on the video and just got to the point at which the CFF was being outlined (almost) but took me ages to find the video control buttons to pause it … needed a break and didn’t know how to stop it !

    Found them now but have still to get to the end of the video to find out what this is all about so paused it and started a search and got here which helped fill in some gaps … I guess the cost will be at the end of the video so that’s where I’m heading now to start it up again :-)

    I guess the “unknown length” of the video is sorting out the wheat from the chaff in terms of patience and persistence ? LOL

  5. Dtt says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I watched your video for cash flow funnel and liked it a lot but there’s still not enough info to make a decision how your program is different and what it does.

  6. John says:

    Jeff, I hope I found your site at the right time. I am ashamed to say I heard about IM when Corey Rudel was still alive and Yanik Silver was barly just out of diapers! I have watched this industry for nearly 14 years and have yet “to get it”! If there is any more sorry looser than me at IM, I want to meet them for an ego boost! I’ve been on the warrior’s forum, ebay, Squidoo, hub pages, craigslist, etc. etc. etc… The only thing I have made money on even remotely was ebay when I was selling region free DVD players.

    I do believe in video. I am seeing a major flock to this medium for everything information related. I have a passion for using the medium and believe it will flurish. help me..please…please… I really am beginning to lose the belief that making a REAL LIVING online is possible… Sorry for the rant…it’s not directed at you… just myself for not getting it….I hope I speak for some others who have became dis-illusioned by guru speak and promises……again please just point me in a direction ….any…direction… Many thanks for your site… JohnQuiet…

  7. shower head says:

    Every time i come here I am not disappointed, nice post!

    Greetings from Tim. :)

  8. Malcolm Anderson says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Your system looks very interesting and the price is very good.
    Could you enlighten me to how many hours per day this will include?
    Regards Malcolm Anderson

  9. Herschyf16 says:

    Hi Malcolm-

    The CFF is currently off the market but will be available in late Jan. I work anywhere from 2-12 hours a day. When I first got started I put in 6-8 after my day job to break free.



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    Are you just like the others or are you the Purple Cow in the crowd?…

    Unfortunately, the majority of people in online marketing spend thousands and never see a positive return on their marketing investment. This could be for one of several reasons….

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