Creating a Bonus for your Product or Service

November 5, 2009 by Herschyf16 

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Over the next few weeks I’m focusing on giving back to our subscribers and have basically stopped all promotions to all of my lists. Now you may see a peppering of emails for a webinar or something (previously scheduled) but I want you to open every email and come to this blog. Instead of creating a bunch of mini courses and charging you money, I’ll just be posting TONS of FREE Internet Marketing content right here on the blog. All I ask is that if you like the content you tell a friend who you may think would benefit or opt in to get even more great information. I use this stuff myself and hope it grows your business as much as it has for mine. Remember – If you don’t do anything with it or take action, it will never work!


Call me CRAZY, Call it Karma, Call it Paying it Forward…whatever you want. Through the end of the year I am thanking our subscribers in a BIG WAY! Each time you open, yes just open, one of my emails you’ll earn entry into our monthly drawing for a Free Copy of the Cash Flow Funnel and even more Cool Money Making Stuff. That’s right, you get a shot at a Free Copy of the Cash Flow Funnel..and MORE…just by opening an email. No gimmicks. No Strings attached.

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One Response to “Creating a Bonus for your Product or Service”
  1. Jeff,
    Thank you for this. It came at exactly the right time for me as I am working on a couple of free reports and am about to re-package a free e=course I used to get people to sign my list. I have lots of great comments from people who took the course and plan to sell it now as an e-book with those comments on it as testimonials.
    This video gives a more detailed how-to so i don’t have to fly by the seat of my pants– my usual style.
    Th only thing I would ask, and you will probably hate this — could you speak a bit slower? A lot of great info seems to fly past and doesn’t register for me as I am a newbi and don’t understand some terms and stuff. I can’t sometimes follow the sequence. You are very fluid when you talk — when I make videos I get so tongue-tied that I admire people who can do that, but maybe just bear in mind that it can be a bit hard to follow. Hopefully the written documents will help with that!

    I am downloading the transcript.
    Thanks again,

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