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June 22, 2010 by Herschyf16 

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This video will not be up for long, and the offer is closing down in just hours from this post.

Whether you make the smart decision to grab a copy of Epic Traffic Systems or not, you should definitely spend the time to watch this video. The strategies we covered were amazing for the newbie and advanced marketer.

Grab Your Copy Before They Close


9 Responses to “Epic Replay”
  1. This is an awesome webinar. I learned some things from this that I had never considered before. I especially like what you teach about the Wonder Wheel and how to use it for categories and keywords. I’m going to start doing that. Thank you.

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  2. Keith says:

    EPS sounds great. I am retired from the Army and have been trying to find an internet marketing system that is explained in detail and actually works. I have spent a ton of money on products that only explain a part of what I need know.

    The auto blogging system appears to be good, but how long will it take to start generating income. Can you give me a very conservative number of what would be typical to make in 30 days?

    I need something that actually works with good support.


  3. Herschyf16 says:

    Keith – Emailing support@EpicTrafficSystems.com will be your best bet for an accurate answer. I don’t want to give you false information on their system.


  4. Patty says:

    Nice system BUT – You CAN NOT make a website like this and “flippa” it for $5k.

  5. nilk martinez says:

    I have seen alot of training on affiliate marketing and all i can say is what he just gave away for free alot of marketers don’t even know about! While so called gurus still use rehashed methods and charge 497 to 1000 is totally rip of:( [this coaching is truly $INFINITE$ star rating.] this webinar is seriously worth 197 in value. IMAGINE WHAT IS INSIDE EPIC TRAFFIC SYSTEMS. If this is my competition now forgive my language but Im F***ed!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i had the 2000 to spend on this i would buy it asap AND STILL :{ BE MAD AT KIETH BAXTER, JOHN SUGART, JOEY SMITH for giving this all away BECAUSE I WANT IT ALL TO MYSELF.:0 i WISH I COULD AFFORD THIS

  6. Keith:

    You really gave away the good stuff on this one. Theming and siloing, WordPress as a base CMS, keyword rich domains, CPM Click throughs with the savvy layout for the themes, all I can say is whew…good stuff.

    I thought I gave away allot on our blog, I sincerely have to rethink our business model after this one.

    Will be in touch…

  7. I liked your video however I was curious to know what is the best way to get backlinks

  8. This great info. I have been using the wonder wheel for some time and can vouch for the power of using what Google wants to see on a blog. This info is very real and actionable for all that are new to IM.

    I will have to check out your system as I had not heard about it before, and a friend in a forum recommended listening to this video. I will have to thank her.
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  9. Aaron Torng says:

    Great webinar! Is there any place to download this webinar?
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